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Role: Owner at Nordic Ways

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About Nordic Ways DMC

Nordic Ways is dedicated to provide the Scandinavian destinations (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) from an exclusive and different way.

Our commitment is to excellence, whether for private trips, incentives or corporate events. Our difference is to develop unique routes meeting the needs of every one of our clients.

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Therefore, since submission of the initial proposal, we are in touch with our customer to create the ideal itinerary and to charm you. We Love what we do, and even more, we love our region. We create and fully monitor our projects.

If you think of an exclusive activity it being in one of the Royal Palaces, museums, art galleries or a custom tour, we elaborate your program. We do not work with ready scripts.

Outdoor tours, bike rides, aurora borealis lights hunting, cruise by the Stockholm archipelago or exploring the Capital city, no matter what your customer envisioned, our challenge is to offer unique trips with quality.

About Sweden

The Scandinavian countries make up a northern European region formed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Its history is intertwined at various times causing a cultural and social identity common to the present day.

Many natural and cultural attractions listed by UNESCO, quality infrastructure and various connections between the region and the rest of the world, make the Nordic countries an excellent choice for a different trip. There are several statistical indexes, indicating the region as one of the best to live. Come to find out with us why.

Sweden -

Known for its lower GINI coefficient around the World (difference between men and women), the land of Alfred Nobel has great attractions in all seasons. The most prized and iconic Icehotel around the World is built annually in the north. Also, the hotel in the trees, and the Kosta Boda design Hotel, besides boutique hotels and accommodations in palaces compose several unique ways of staying in the country.

Balloon traveling around Stockholm, to explore the natural park of Lapland or to hunt the lights of the aurora borealis, are some of the ideas we have developed for your trip. We organize trips of knowledge to meet the social welfare model applied in the country.

Denmark -

The land of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen is also the land of design objects. Knowing this little kingdom and its major attractions through a sensorial journey throw its revolutionary organic cuisine,your cool and happy people. For years Danish people are elected the happiest in the world.

Enjoy contemporary works of Louisiana on a private visit, meet the Castle of Hamlet or explore the Viking world in Roskilde are some of the options available to. The Danes, for many years, controlled the Baltic movement and, even nowadays, Copenhagen is an excellent gateway to explore the Nordic region.

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Finland -

Fashion, design, sauna, lakes and forests are major attractions for which we know Finland. From north to south, and both in winter or summer, we can explore the most of this great country.

To appreciate the design district in Helsinki, to enjoy a Sibelius concert in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of this great composer, and, from the capital city, be able to explore the islands of its archipelago or a full day tour in Tallin.

Knowing the home of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle, his joyful reindeers or to experience dogs sledding are some of the options for winter tours while we hunt the lights of the Aurora Borealis. Floating over the icy waters of Bothnia or staying in a glass igloo are some of the surprises that we can prepare for your trip.