South Korea

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TRAESCO’s passion guarantees an unforgettable memory of Korea. With a strong local network, the team is more than equipped to support your next international convention, government congress, exhibition and events. As a leading company in MICE, the dedicated team ensures you experience only the highest quality of service, tailor-made to your needs.

Awards & Affiliations

  • Member of Seoul MICE Alliance
  • Mayor of Seoul Certification
  • Team-building post on Seoul Tourism Magazine
  • Travel Awards Viator

Noah Jo

Korean & English

Why South Korea


Welcoming over 10 million visitors every year, the mountainous peninsula is an upcoming MICE destination offering 5000 years of history and dazzling landscapes. South Korea is home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, three thousand uninhabited islands and a vibrant culture. The K-wave has taken the global cultural stage by storm and remains a popular theme during events. With its beautiful cherry blossoms in early spring and gorgeous foliage in autumn, South Korea is a country for all seasons.


  • Seoul, the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea forms the heart of the Seoul Capital Area, home to roughly half of the country’s population.


  • Busan is South Korea’s second most-populous city after Seoul, with a population of over 3.5 million inhabitants. It is the economic, cultural and educational centre of south-eastern Korea, with its port—Korea’s busiest and the 9th-busiest in the world.


  • Jeju Island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes located in the Korea Strait, south of South Jeolla Province.