Ryder Cup Event in Paris

Our DMC partner French Signature organised the welcome and a four days attendance at the Ryder Cup.

Throughout the golfing tournament, the 25 guests were given VIP treatment and entertained to a cultural gastronomic evening afterwards.

This is what their itinerary looked like:

Day 1: Private cruise on the River Seine during sunset, complete with cocktails on the deck and a lavish dinner.

france-blog-ryder cup-2   france-blog-gda-global-dmc-alliance-french-signature-ryder-cup-3

Day 2: Gastronomic dinner at the highest point of Paris, at a restaurant in Suresnes, enjoying views of  La Défense.

Day 3: Private guided tour of Musée Picasso in Paris Le Marais, with a high-class dinner inside the museum.

france-blog-gda-global-dmc-alliance-french-signature-soirée- picasso

Day 4: Dinner on France’s most iconic landmark, Tour Eiffel.

If you’d like to organise your next event or meeting in France, contact our partners: info@gda-mice.com.

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