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Representative: Marina Maximova
Role: Creative Director at Maxima

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About Maxima DMC

We are glad to present to you our travel agency Maxima, a Russian DMC company. Maxima Ltd. is a full-service travel agency that attends all kind of MICE and Leisure groups as well as FIT travelers from all over the world.

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The company was established in 2003 as a beloved child of two highly-professional specialists working in the incoming tourism area. Today we have some sufficient personnel working in our office located in the centre of Saint-Petersburg to operate in the whole country. Two departments (Sales and Operations) are responsible for realization of all the programs we offer and carry out.

Maxima is providing our clients with all kinds of very high-quality services and, undoubtedly, exclusive excursions, with the help of our partnership with 5-star hotels, luxurious restaurants and many more other amenities. Since the very beginning we have been cooperating with and maintaining the precious relationship with the Embassy and the Consulate General of Spain in Russia. This makes us proud to announce that, with all other special visitors, we have had an honor to welcome such guests as the members of the Spanish Royal Family, the Diplomatic Corps from various countries of Latin America and Spain, Presidents, State Secretaries and Ministers of numerous countries. From VIP guests to groups of 190 pax – we believe that impossible is nothing and we know how to make an idea come true.


Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan – the TOP three cities

Golden and Silver Rings - tourist routes in the North-Western region

Siberia and Kamchatka – regions in the Far East

River and Sea Cruises – receiving guests and organizing excursions


MICE tourism

Leisure groups

Individual tourism (FIT)

Tailor made tours

We offer our clients ‘Tailor made tours’ – specially designed programs based on particular themes in different fields: architecture, literature, arts, music, history. They include ‘The Unknown Roads of Russian Avant-gardists’ (created for the Guggenheim museum, Bilbao, Spain), ‘The Constructivism and Great Museums’ (For Museum of Queen Sofia, Madrid, Spain). Also, we are authorized to organize visits to private art galleries and to meet their hosts – collectors of art, as we did in our tour ‘Modernism and Private Collections’ for the patrons of the Thyssen-Bornemisza and Prado museums and for the private VIP collectors.

It is important to mention here that all of our guides are qualified specialists in Linguistics, History and History of Arts, so they can provide valuable information referring to any specified topic.

About Russia

Being the largest country in the world and having the most incredible cultural and historical heritage, Russia is undoubtedly the land of a billion possibilities.

Let us kindly invite you to participate in a fantastic trip to Russia. From the Baltic Sea in Europe to the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the Far East. All the way through the Siberia past lake Baikal to Kamchatka. But of course, without missing the chance to visit the two capital cities of our country – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg!

From splendid palaces that preserve the atmosphere of the balls of the Russian court to medieval walls of white stone and golden onion domes of monasteries, through the picturesque landscapes to the big city lights of Moscow, the city that never sleeps, and magic White Nights in St. Petersburg or cozy Russian winter and caviar pancakes. Speaking about dining, never underestimate the hospitality and the taste of Russian cuisine. It’s our beautiful venues and fashionable restaurants that meet the needs of the guests from all over the world.

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Just imagine the endless possibilities, and memorable experiences waiting to be revealed. Picture exclusive access to breathtaking palaces, and backstage passes to some of the world's most renowned theatres, to the Soviet-era submarines and underground bunkers. Admire the panoramic views from the best romantic restaurants, or attend classic ballet or classic music concerts, folklore shows or even Red Army choir performing exclusively for you. Discover what it feels like to be an astronaut or a ballet artist, or a KGB officer!

After a busy day full of incredible events, overwhelmed by impressions, nothing is better than coming back to your room in a luxurious hotel to enjoy the comfort and to relax. To prepare for the next day and the next chance to explore Russia!