New VR (Virtual Reality) team-building experience in Brussels.
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15 Mar 2018

New VR (Virtual Reality) team-building experience in Brussels.


"A must-try experience!”

“Fun action at a cool place.”

“Mind blowing!!!”

“Great experience.”

"Great fun - must try!"


These are just a few of the latest reviews we received from participants who enjoyed the new VR (Virtual Reality) team-building experience in Brussels.

The images are so clear that you are immediately & completely immerged into a new world.  

In reality, the players are in separate rooms with headsets & consoles, but in the VR world, you are literally standing side by side and solving puzzles together. The goal is to complete tasks together in order to move on to the next virtual reality setting.

A maximum of 4 players can play together in one VR game. For larger groups, you would split yourselves into multiple teams. We can have a total of 16 players playing at the same time (45min. per group). If you are more than 16 people, then we work with a rotation system of different groups – so everyone can join in on the fun!

The future of entertainment is here!

For more information, contact Passaporta Incoming Belgium directly on: or find out more about them, here: