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Daniela Torres


Representative: Daniela Torres
Role: International Managing Director at IM Promociones

T: 0052 55 5253 5215
M: 0052 155 2249 1329

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About IM Promociones DMC

# live marketing. meetings. incentives

We are a company created to design events with a positive engagement through live marketing and unforgettable experiences.

We function as a One-Stop Shop which offers unique ways and different options to make your event a whole one of a kind experience.

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Personalized service has become one of our key factors; a 24/7 specialized team is dedicated to each client, from the quotation stage till the execution of the event. This drops a result of extreme care in the details prior and during the event.

With over 27 years of experience in the market, our objective is to share our passion and know-how with our clients, by providing them with the confidence and tranquillity that they are working with a reliable, professional, and well-positioned company.

About Mexico

Mexico is a country of contrasts, friendly people and endless travel options! It has been said, over and over, that there are many Mexico's, so the search for the real Mexico ends in many different places.

Mexico is much more than beaches, sunsets and margaritas. Mexico is a country where modern manufacturing plants can be seen from ancient cities, where the next desert dune gives way to a beautiful beach, where rituals and craft making skills have been passed down for centuries. The capital city, one of the largest cities in the world, is built directly over an entire ancient city.

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This is a country where you can be snorkelling on a tropical beach in the morning, exploring ancient ruins in the afternoon, sipping coffee in a quaint colonial city in the evening and receiving a massage at a chic spa the same night. Colonial cities that were being built in the 14th century and glitzy beach resorts, snow-capped volcanoes, incredible sunrises over the islands in the Sea of Cortes, or a rambling train ride through the indescribably beautiful Copper Canyon...take your choice.

Wherever you go in Mexico you will surely see into a lot of contrasts with colorful people that are eager to show off their beautiful country.

Mexico’s 32 states are truly diverse, as each one has countless tourist destinations offering a wide array of activities to discover that the real Mexico is found in many different places.

Mexican culture is rich and varied, with a warm heart and a friendly smile for everyone who ventures forth to meet the citizens. One week or weekend spent exploring all that this amazing, richly historic country has to offer and you'll be shouting "Viva, Mexico!"