UPSTAGE by Airborne, headquartered in New Delhi, aims to engage with international and domestic organizations to execute a diverse range of multi-dimensional events.


More than two decades of experience in event management inform our holistic philosophy and detail-oriented approach. Founded on the core values of creativity, efficiency, precision and synergy; UPSTAGE seeks to create meticulously tailored and memorable event experiences for our diverse client portfolio.


Anjali Datta
UPSTAGE by Airborne

English, Hindi

Why India


India remains an elusive mystery even to those who inhabit it. The sheer cultural diversity, vibrant history and natural abundance that characterizes our country is overwhelming, and inherently enchanting. Considering that our heritage likens the art of hospitality to worshipping the divine, the philosophy of service is embedded in our collective conscience. For these reasons and more, India remains among the most exciting and attractive destinations worldwide.


In recent decades, India has also emerged as a global hub for creative entrepreneurship, technological innovation and foreign investment, marking a new era of rapid development in the subcontinent. Our country brings together the knowledge of a rich past and boundless hope for the future. We humbly invite you to experience our magnificent home!