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Lilla Lassu


Representative: Lilla Lassu
Role: Director of Sales at Inspiration Travel

T: 0036 20 269 0801

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About Inspiration Travel DMC

Our destination management company - Inspiration Travel - based in Budapest, Hungary, offering the highest quality services, encompassing the whole of Hungary.

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Our vastly experienced team has collected extensive knowledge on Hungary as a destination.Consequently we are able to suggest the most suitable venues and the most attractive program ideas in order to meet your needs and to guarantee the success of your meetings, incentives and events. With a network of reliable suppliers throughout Hungary we provide excellent quality services, with a personal touch.

Our guidelines are: Professionalism, Trustworthiness, Hand-picked suppliers, Innovative and creative tours, Reasonable prices, Returning guests, Contented partners – You!

Our professional team handles all kinds of business trips, from small seminars to large scale conferences, memorable events, high-level incentive programs and team building activities.

We take the trouble to meticulously organise your company travel from the first until the very last moment. We have all the neccessary contacts at our disposal to ensure a highly successful and unforgettable event for your business.

About Hungary

- Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most impressive capital cities in Europe, often called the Paris of the East.

- Hungary is a land of waters, featuring the largest lake in Europe, Lake Balaton, and more than a thousand thermal water springs to bathe in.

- Hungarian gastronomy is undergoing an amazing revolution these days. Exciting, innovative bistros are opening all around the city of Budapest.

- Hungary has a language and culture completely different from its neighbours, so none of the surrounding countries speak anything like this nearly-unique language!

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- There’s always something going on here, no matter which season you come.

- Hungarian Tokaji Aszú is internationally known as the Wine of Kings, and the King of Wines. Artisan wineries are now frequenting the top league on an international level as well.

- Hungary boasts 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which proves its rich natural beauty and cultural traditions.

- Budapest is the capital of caves: the same forces that created its thermal springs, also carved out hundreds of kilometres of limestone caves, now open to the public.

- Hungarian history spans more than 1100 years, full of great events, battles, kings, allies, intrigue and enemies and sometimes peaceful years.

- Hungary has one of the highest rankings per capita for Nobel laureates, with 13 winners. The ballpoint pen, the Rubik cube, safety matches, holography – these were all invented by Hungarians!