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Philip Gombert


Representative: Philip Gombert
Role: Managing Director at French Signature by Alcep

T: 0033 1 4333 4966

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About French Signature DMC

French Signature is a skilled and established Destination Management Company (DMC) expert in France and Monaco.

When you're planning your corporate event here, you're looking for inventiveness, organization and professionalism. French Signature's team of French experts, fluent in many languages, has demonstrated these qualities again and again.

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Experience talks. We're a full-service DMC event management agency covering all Regions of Franceas well as Monaco. Every event is important for us, whether it's a grand corporate event or a small private celebration. You can count on having a stylish and stunning event for your budget. Talk to us.

Experience also listens. One of the best compliments we get (regularly) is that we're good listeners. That's the way to exceed expectations. We follow a tested DMC procedure called 'Four Steps to Success' so that every aspect is considered. You'll find us an enthusiastic and dynamic partner on your team.

Partnering with other DMCs. French Signature has built a strong reputation with DMCs in other countries for our planning skills, creativity and attention to detail. They send us their groups with full confidence that we'll take care of business with the same dedication and professionalism that they invest in their home country. See the 'What Our Clients Say' page.

About France

France is a great place to be any time of the year, as 80+ million visitors prove every year. Not only is it the world's No.1 tourist destination, but it's also a highly popular destination for corporate events. Everywhere you go, in France you have a wide range of possibilities: culture, wine, gastronomy, sports...

FRENCH RIVIERA - With its warm winter climate, dramatic coastline and stunning Azur-blue water, the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) is the second most popular tourist destination in France. It also serves today as a major destination for international congresses and conventions.

BORDEAUX - Touring the renowned vineyards and sampling the wines of the Médoc, St Emilion and the Sauternes areas is one of the major attractions in Bordeaux, This region is also home to many striking 18th Century châteaux.

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LOIRE VALLEY - Situated just two hours by car from Paris, This landscape of natural beauty contains some of the most perfectly preserved mediaeval and renaissance period towns, villages and châteaux that the world has to offer. It's an occasion to visit romantic castles and taste great wines.

CHAMPAGNE - producing vineyards of the Marne Valley, the Mountain of Reims and the Cote de Blancs are reasons enough to visit this fascinating region.

RHONE ALPLES - With dramatic volcanoes in the West and the magnificent Alpine peaks in the East, these are some of the most striking regions of France. They invite visitors to enjoy the outdoor life, in the mountains and on the ski slopes.

PARIS - France's Number One tourist destination never fails to enchant. The city is an amazing treasure trove of shopping and restaurants, museums and public gardens, boulevards and monuments, architecture and music. Everywhere you go there's something new to discover. Modern infrastructure, easy access with good air and land transport facilities, an endless choice of accommodation combined with a rich historical and cultural tradition are just a few reasons which have made France successful in this area.