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Tezeta Desta


Representative: Tezeta Desta
Role: General Manager at Etincel

T: 00 251118294249
M: 00 251912472892

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About Etincel DMC

Creating experiences that resonate with your target market has become an important contributor in relationship strengthening. Through staging and managing memorable events ETINCEL’s event management team continuously strives to build the perfect experience, which aims to inspire guests and strengthen brand loyalty. Our passion is to create great experiences that will elevate the clients brand positioning.

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An organization’s most valuable asset is its reputation. A strong reputation underpins brand image, customer loyalty, market positioning, and corporate influence. Through targeted communications programs, including leveraging new media such as the rapidly evolving social networks, ETINCEL helps your corporation's leadership reach out to all of its key stakeholders in conveying the decisions and strategies that will ultimately increase corporate value and secure competitive advantage.

Our services extend far beyond traditional media outreach activities.
These include stakeholder mapping and articulation of corporate messages and brand values, along with communication of company announcements and management of special events in developing and enhancing a company's reputation.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia one of the world top tourism destination
Ethiopia’s bounty of heritage sites has long drawn adventure and beauty seekers, but only now, it seems, is the country taking its rightful place amid the international spotlight. In early July, the European Council on Tourism and Trade voted Ethiopia the world’s top tourism destination for 2015 — celebrating the country for its “excellent preservation of humanity landmarks,” from the Camelot-like castles of Gondar to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

Indeed, tourism to the country has grown consistently in recent years — rising from 468,000 visitors in 2010 to 681,000 in 2013, according to the World Bank. Economic growth, too, is clipping ahead in Ethiopia, with the International Monetary Fund classifying the country as one of the globe’s five fastest-growing economies.

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Addis Ababa the continent’s leading conference destinations
Considered the “Dubai of Africa,” Ethiopia’s bustling capital city thrives against a backdrop of seemingly ever-ongoing construction — from new roads and tall glass buildings to a light rail system and more

Addis Ababa is easily accessible with daily flights to and from cities in Europe. Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Kenya Airways, Egypt Air, Saudia and others serve Addis Ababa. Perhaps what makes it unique is that the national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, serves 22 other cities in Africa, making Addis the most accessible city on the continent.