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Representative: Matthew OSullivan
Role: Director at MICE Cuba

T: 0044 1438 310 093

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About MICE Cuba

MICE Cuba is a highly experienced, dynamic and creative DMC, providing the most comprehensive portfolio of services to one of the world’s most unique and fascinating destinations, namely CUBA!

Uniquely positioned as a private company operating in Cuba our clients can also greatly benefit from the support of a full office in the UK. We offer excellent communications and support from the very first contact and offer a totally honest, unbiased and transparent service, which are vital ingredients when handling a destination that fascinates the MICE industry globally but at the same time can be seen as a challenging upcoming and relatively unknown destination.

With a European approach to group planning, as well as a 25-year history of working exclusively in Cuba, clients have a dedicated project handler throughout from the UK office making communications and contact so much easier, as well as a dedicated team member from our Havana office. MICE Cuba maintains long-established relationships with our suppliers including important Government contacts, key hotel decision makers and the movers and shakers in the newly emerging private sector which is bringing to Cuba a feast of inspiring opportunities to meet, dine, stay and enjoy this emerging MICE destination.

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Our key ingredients allowing our clients to maximise the potential of Cuba include:

Large ongoing production to the key MICE hotels, excellent wholesale rates and rooms allotments

Simple payment options , overcoming the long standing challenges of paying Cuba direct

A team of many languages and able to handle groups from a global perspective

Access to a variety of meeting locations including some famous locations favoured by Fidel Castro to some small creative options

A varied and reliable choice of transport options including the famous Old American cars, enough for the largest groups

A portfolio of dining options ranging from the most formal to the new hip and bohemian experiences, including outdoor catering

Personal relationships with Cuba’s finest purveyors of creativity, excellent for team activities and unique experiences

A special attention to the important little touches that can define a successful event

A strong regard to environmental and CSR issues with many carefully tailored visits to enhance the event and give an insight into life in Cuba

A passionate and tailormade approach to each project backed by our very unbiased and genuine support throughout

About Cuba

Mention the word Cuba and there is always quite a reaction! Fidel Castro, Old American cars, Che Guevara, Salsa, Cigars, Rum, Missile Crisis and the US Embargo, Baseball, beautiful beaches, Socialism and endless History.

Situated just 90 miles south of the Florida Keys, Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. With hundreds of miles of golden sandy beaches, richly colourful and varied scenery, a proud cultural heritage and the most friendly and welcoming locals, this stunningly beautiful and exceptionally diverse country has been enticing visitors since Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492.

Cuba is a melting pot of different experiences, its Caribbean of course, but is also so very Latin American in style! The island oozes colonial history including the Revolution epitomised by the community spirited revolutionaries of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara who became iconic global figures.

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Havana is a UNESCO world heritage site, very safe and welcoming to explore and a totally unique city for a convention, meeting, incentive or gathering. Trinidad, also UNESCO protected as a museum city, is a totally authentic location for smaller groups and enjoys such a historical centre, Caribbean beaches, mountains and a great local vibe. Vinales Valley and the Las Terrazas National parks allow groups to experience the spectacular and unique scenery in Cuba along with an insight into rural life. Finally, the beaches at Varadero or Cayo Santa Maria offer endless white sand beaches, clear warm waters and a great choice of beachside hotels to enjoy, many offering convention facilities.

Whatever your group’s interest Cuba is the ultimate choice. The island’s wonderfully varied landscapes and a huge range of choices allow us to craft fantastic journeys.

Experience a few days that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world and clients will never forget their time in Cuba, it will certainly be inspirational! Visit historical cities, climb mountains, meet with warm and friendly locals, smoke fine cigars and drink the best cocktails in the world, cruise around in old Buicks and Chevvies and recreate the heady days of 1950s Havana, eat in fantastic secret and hidden away restaurants, watch world-class ballet, dance the night away to amazing live Salsa, bike through stunning scenery, sail to desert islands, zip wire through the trees, and much more!