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Barbara Wang


Representative: Barbara Wang
Role: General Manager at Motivate China

T: 0086 10 6568 5357

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About Motivate China DMC

Motivate China specializes in the Meetings, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition, (MICE) business. The company operates across China offering unparalleled services for both small and large groups.

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Motivate China understands both the customs and culture of China, and how these can contribute to a successful program that will have your guests talking for years to come.

Motivate China is committed to linking the world with China and presenting the best of this beautiful, diverse land to our clients.

We welcome the opportunity of introducing you to this ever changing and dynamic country we call home.

Contact us now, for more on how we can help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

About China

China is much more than a manufacturing powerhouse. In the last decade, the world's fastest growing economy has steadily made the transition from an export-oriented economy to a service provider and destination for high-level MICE events.

The country's major cities are fully capable of hosting the very best in business travel - every major luxury hotel chain in the world is expanding across China and this expansion will continue into the next decade. Places like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are being joined by emerging hubs like Sanya, Xian, Chengdu and Kunming in the capacity for world-class business travel services.

The opportunities for international companies have never been greater than now, and the situation will only grow more favorable as China's economy matures. The demand for international-standards in business travel and services has always been there, but now that demand is being pushed from within, from expanding and growing domestic firms eager to experience, offer, and share in the very best.

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The emergence of a sophisticated domestic middle and upper class can only bode well for global firms working with or inside of China. Not only does China's growth provide lucrative opportunities, but the more global China becomes, the better the environment becomes for all manner of business, travel, and leisure activities.

International firms are not only setting up localized research facilities, but also marketing and sales forces leveraged by global competencies. Such developments require high-level management, in fact all levels of management, to spend more time in-country learning the very specifics of this giant, diverse, complicated market.

This is where Motivate China steps in. We facilitate the very best in China-based travel, bypassing traditional barriers and putting our clients in touch with the very essence of this market, this country and the people driving China forward today. Every solution we provide takes into account the needs of the client, plus much more: how those needs translate on the ground in China.

It is much more than an event, or training session, or get-away for a hard year's work. It is about connecting with the most dynamic market in the world in a very intimate, professional, meaningful way. Our greatest reward is to have a custom business travel solution develop into a new business relationship, an unexpected boon, a lasting friendship, or an unforgettable experience for our clients that keep you coming back.

China can do that. The richness of this country's culture, people, and economy are enough to hook you for a lifetime. Allow us to provide that hook through a new and deeper look into a country you may already know very well, or are just now beginning to learn about. Allow us to put together a professional, solid business travel solution with the extra perks of an authentic, hands-on China experience.

Allow us to be who we are, Motivate China, the best in Mainland China business travel and the most dedicated partner you will ever find.