Travel Armenia is one of the leading travel agencies in Armenia. Since 2002, it has been recognised for its quality and excellence by some of the world’s biggest brands, namely Czech Airlines and Hertz. Its multi-lingual team boasts a portfolio of over 120 clients and is ready to welcome you! Our DMC’s tailor-made itineraries combine Armenia’s unique culture and cuisine to ensure you get the most this stunning country, whatever the season.

Awards & Certifications

  • Certificate of Excellence – Czech Airlines (2011)
  • Certificate of Cooperation – Ingoarmenia (2015)
  • Singapore Cooperation Programme (2006)
  • Recognition of Outstanding Service – Hertz (2002)

Anna Davidyan
General Manager
Travel Armenia

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Why Armenia & Georgia


Welcome to Armenia, the country of hot sun and juicy fruits! This small landlocked country packs a lot of variety for its MICE visitors. You will be drawn in with its mysterious monuments, hospitable people, delicious cuisine and mesmerising landscapes. Armenia’s fertile valleys of Mt Ararat have produced the oldest wine in the world.


Armenia is a country with an ancient history, mysterious monuments, millennial cities, rich culture, delicious cuisine and hospitable people. It is located in the Transcaucasus, sharing borders with Georgia, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Most of Armenia is located at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level, the highest point is the top of Mount Aragats (4090 m). Almost half of the country’s territory is mountain ranges.


The country’s official language is Armenian, a branch in the Indo-European language family. The Armenian language has existed since the 6th century BC and is considered one of the ancient written languages. The modern alphabet was created in 405 by Mesrop Mashtots. Russian-speaking tourists will feel quite comfortable here, as it is the second most widely used language.


It’s neighbour, Georgia is a hot destination for travel. The foundation and the crown jewel of our offer is Georgian hospitality and its unique traditions. For some of our clients our approach will bring forward the sweet memories of the past, a slight nostalgic feeling. For others Georgia is an exotic destination: imagine arriving in the airport and being greeted by the unique sounds of famous Georgian polyphony and the view of the amazing Georgian dance performed by the artists of the Georgian National Ballet. An unforgettable arrival! Imagine what could come next?


Instead of traditional and admittedly, an expected team building approach, we offer to our clients “Georgian Way” of team-building: learn to bake Georgian bread in the traditional Georgian bakery – “Tone”, prepare Georgian snack – “Churchkhela”, get to know the wine making and Chacha (vodka) distillation technology, learn folk dances wearing our traditional costumes.